BPA-Free Sealants

What are BPA-Free Sealants?

BPA-free sealants are safe for your child and effective at preventing tooth decay. Children are most susceptible to tooth decay because of poor hygiene as well as the foods and drinks they consume. To save both baby as well as permanent teeth, we may recommend a sealant. Sealants are completely free of any BPA and they are clear in nature.

Why would your child need BPA-Free Sealants?

The BPA-free sealant is brushed over the tops of your child’s teeth to create a clear protective barrier. This barrier is ideal for preventing decay from affecting the tooth. This can prevent the need for a filling or more extensive work. Sealants are safe and can be used on children and teens of varying needs.

What makes your child a good candidate for BPA-Free Sealants?

Most children are good candidates for sealants. However, children who are more prone to developing dental decay may find sealants to be especially beneficial. This protective barrier is placed on the tooth where it is most vulnerable to decay. The sealant can last for up to three years and provide constant protection while it is in place.

What can you expect during the procedure for BPA-Free Sealants?

Your child will come into our office and be seated comfortably. The procedure requires no anesthetic whatsoever, so it’s done quickly and easily. Dr. Mina will brush a clear liquid onto the tops of the teeth and cure them into place using a bright light. Once the sealants have hardened, they will protect the teeth from decay. Sealants are often only used on the tops of the teeth where they are most effective and lasting. Your child may need to come back in one to three years to have new sealants placed. The sealants will be checked at each of their bi-annual appointments to ensure they are still intact and protecting the teeth underneath.

If you are interested in sealants for your child, call our office and we will work to get them in for a conveniently scheduled appointment.