What Does Kid-Friendly mean?

Kid-friendly simply means that our office is geared towards pediatric patients. We have a calm, warm and comforting environment for children and teens of all ages. We use kid-friendly terminology that isn’t scary or frightening to young patients. Our goal is to make your child’s appointment relaxed and fun while improving the health of their teeth.

Why does your child need a Kid-Friendly Dentist?

Pediatric dental offices are specifically trained to handle children of varying ages and needs. We are trained to work with special needs patients as well as babies and small toddlers. We offer procedures that are specific to kids. This allows them to get the work done in one office rather than having to see a specialist.

What are the benefits of a Kid-Friendly Dentist?

Your child will feel more comfortable with us as opposed to a general practitioner. Our office is kid-friendly and we work on using only the most inconspicuous terminology. This allows our patients to feel comfortable when having work done. We want your child to love visiting the dentist and are here to make their experience fun, enjoyable and informative.

What can you expect with a typical Kid-Friendly appointment?

Your child will come into our office and be seen by our hygienist. The hygienist works to clean your child’s teeth. The teeth are then polished and flossed, while the gums are checked for signs of gingivitis. Dr. Mina will then come in and perform an exam. The exam checks for signs of decay as well as other problems. Tooth development is monitored at each appointment and we can recommend orthodontic treatment as needed. The appointment is quick and easy, taking no more than an hour in our office. If additional work is needed, we will schedule your child to come in at a later time to have it completed at your own convenience.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly dental experience for your children, call us today and our staff members can work to get your child in for an appointment.