Routine Care

What is Routine Care?

Routine care is important in keeping your child’s teeth healthy and clean. Routine care involves having your child come in twice a year for exams and cleanings while providing adequate care to their teeth at home. With both in-office and at-home routine care, your child will have a full, healthy smile. We offer routine care in our office and can provide suggestions for caring for your children’s teeth at home.

Why does your child need Routine Care for their dental health?

Routine care can help to prevent dental decay from starting. This can preserve your child’s smile and make it less likely that they’ll need restorative work done. Routine care involves at-home habits like brushing and flossing while making the time to bring them in for their bi-annual checkup appointments. Both in-office and at-home care are crucial to the overall health of your child’s teeth.

What are the benefits of Routine Care?

One of the key benefits of routine oral care for your children is that it prevents dental decay. Children of all ages are more prone to developing tooth decay than adults. This often has to do with their brushing habits at home as well as the types of foods that they eat during the day. When your child takes good care of their teeth, they will be less likely to develop cavities that require fillings. Starting your child off by visiting the dentist regularly reduces the fear they may face if they fail to come in often.

What can you expect when it comes to proper Routine Care?

Routine in-office care involves both cleanings and exams. Cleanings are done by our licensed hygienist while the exam is performed by Dr. Mina. The exam checks for things like decay, loose restorations and intraoral problems. We check tooth development and can make recommendations as needed. We provide important care instructions for home hygiene as well. This helps your child take better care of their teeth in between visits. Your child may need help brushing their teeth until they’re about six years old.

If your child needs an exam, cleaning or if you’re looking for help with routine at-home care, call us today and we’ll be happy to further assist you.