What are Pediatric Extractions?

An extraction involves total removal of either a primary baby tooth or a permanent tooth. For pediatric patients, this most often involves their baby teeth. Some baby teeth may have a hard time coming out on their own. This can hinder the permanent teeth from coming up underneath and cause problems with crowding and crookedness. In other cases, your child may need a permanent tooth extracted because it’s decayed or it’s posing a problem, like a wisdom tooth.

Why would your child need Extractions?

Your child may need to have an extraction if one or more of their teeth is becoming a problem. Their baby teeth may be loose or simply not coming out in a timely manner. Some children and teens have severe tooth decay that has completely infected one or more teeth. We are here to make the extraction process quick, easy and comfortable for your child.

What makes your child a good candidate for Extractions?

Most children and teens who need an extraction are a good candidate to have the surgery done. Most often, the procedure is done under local anesthetic, however, we can provide partial or full sedation as needed. More complicated extractions will require full sedation, but this will be discussed before the actual appointment. A consultation and exam with Dr. Mina will determine if your child needs an extraction.

What can you expect when your child has an Extraction?

Your child will first come in and be seated. They’ll receive the anesthetic or sedation of their choosing for the actual procedure. Dr. Mina then works to remove the teeth using a variety of special surgical tools. The gums may receive sutures, if they are needed. Your child will bite down on a piece of gauze and can go home. You’ll be given aftercare instructions that need to be followed to ensure your child’s mouth heals properly. If you experience any post-operative problems, bring your child in right away.

If your child is in need of an extraction or you’d like to learn more about this procedure, call our office and we can get them in to be seen.