Does my child need pediatric dental cleaning?

Every child needs routine dental exams. During these exams, your dentist observes the condition of your child’s teeth and cleans tartar or plaque from them if necessary. The dentist then looks for damage, bite problems, cavities or any other dental problems your child may have. During these routine dental exams and cleanings, your dentist also teaches your child about proper dental hygiene. Fluoride treatments and sealants might also be applied to protect your child’s teeth from decay. X-rays routinely get taken to ensure the dentist obtains a complete view of the child’s dental health.

When does my child need his or her teeth cleaned?

Many different factors determine when your child’s teeth need to be cleaned. Children begin having dental appointments between the ages of six months to one year old. Toddlers and other children need continuing dental exams about every six months, or as the dentist recommends.

How do I prepare my child to have their teeth cleaned?

You prepare your child for their dentist appointments by choosing a good time for the visit for your child. They should be well rested and otherwise comfortable. Pediatric dental offices are specially designed to be child-friendly. Positively talk to your child about going to the dentist. Also, ask your child if they have any questions or concerns about going to see the dentist.

If your child needs a dental examination and cleaning, please contact Dr. Mina today. Her child-friendly office and experience in treating young patients make her an excellent choice to get your youngster on the way to the best oral health possible for your child.