Space Maintenance

What is Space Maintenance?

Space maintenance involves using a metal appliance to keep space between growing teeth. As your child loses their primary baby teeth and the permanent teeth develop, they may become crowded and crooked. Space maintainers help to prevent this from happening. They are ideal for patients who might have lost their baby tooth too soon or who have both baby teeth and permanent teeth in their mouth.

Why would your child need Space Maintenance?

Your child will benefit from space maintenance if they are prone to overcrowding. To prevent the need for extensive orthodontic work, space maintainers can be used to keep adequate space between the teeth. The maintainers are comfortable for your child to wear and work effectively. They can be removed as soon as the new tooth has erupted through the gums and developed.

What makes your child a good candidate for Space Maintenance?

Most children are good candidates for space maintenance. To avoid the need for orthodontic treatment and to improve the likelihood of teeth developing properly, space maintainers can be used. The maintainer will be placed onto the surrounding teeth and provide a void between the two teeth. The process is quick, easy and comfortable for children of all ages.

What can you expect with Space Maintenance?

The space maintenance procedure is quite easy and noninvasive. Your child will first receive x-rays to determine the development of underlying teeth. From there, Dr. Mina will place the maintainer on two adjacent teeth. Your child will have the space maintainer monitored at each of their appointments. It will be removed as the teeth begin to develop and come up through the gums. The procedure to place the space maintainer takes just about a half an hour in our office. Our goal is to provide your child with a beautiful smile that they can feel confident showing off, and we believe this starts with early intervention.

If your child is in need of space maintenance, call our office and we will work to get them seen as soon as feasibly possible.