Ceramic Crowns

What are Ceramic Crowns?

Crowns that are made out of pure ceramic are realistic-looking and durable. They are ideal for children because they look natural and can withstand a lot of force and pressure. A ceramic crown can help to enhance your child’s smile and build up a tooth that’s been compromised in some way. Crowns can last for a long time, so your child or teen can benefit from having the crown for years.

Why would your child need a Ceramic Crown?

Your child may need a ceramic crown because a tooth has broken, cracked or fractured. Teeth that have had a root canal may subsequently need a crown because the tooth is more susceptible to breaking. Your child may need a crown on a tooth that has a very large filling that is beginning to crack and compromise the tooth itself. An exam with Dr. Mina will decipher if your child would benefit from a ceramic crown.

What makes your child a good candidate for a Ceramic Crown?

Most children who need a ceramic crown are good candidates for the procedure. The procedure takes very little time in our office and the crown is custom made for your child’s tooth. The ceramic material is realistic-looking and matched perfectly with the rest of their smile. With the help of an exam, we can determine if a ceramic crown is right for your child.

What can you expect during the Ceramic Crown procedure?

Your child will receive a local anesthetic or sedation as needed. The tooth is filed down to create a seat, known as an abutment, for the actual ceramic crown. Impressions are taken of the tooth and sent to a lab where technicians will work to craft the new crown for your child. You and your child will come back into the office and have the crown fitted. Slight adjustments may be necessary to make the crown more comfortable for your child. The crown will last for many years with proper care, and it is important to continue bringing your child in for dental checkups so that we can routinely examine the crown.

If your child is in need of a crown, call our office today and we will work to get them in for a dental appointment and exam.